Several resource models and items sets per website

I am helping a researcher building her website do disseminate her work. There are three pages which I need to relate to three different model resources (one for which one) so the itens that she will introduce associated to that model appear in the page. For now I am not figuring out how to make that association from the model resource to the page I need it to be related to and the itens to appear in. Can you help me in solving this situation?

Thank you very much for your help and support in advance.

In order for a resource to be used in an Omeka S site, that item needs to be attached to the site. There are directions for that process here:

Then, once you have your items attached to the site, you can create your page, and use the page blocks to build out the design that you want. You might want to consider the Item with Metadata block to showcase an individual item.

Thank you very much.
We managed to do it by creating several “Explore” in the navigation part and by associating them with the pages where we want the itens to appear. Nevertheless, when we do an advanced research in a page, it gives us all the itens with a certain name, whether they are from that itens set and page or from another one. Is there a way for us to limit the itens that appear on the advanced search only to the itens set related to the page?
Thank you once again in advance

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