Setting up multiple omeka sites (multi tenant)


Our institution was using and is switching to Is it possible to set up our instance to support multiple omeka sites (multi tenant)?

Hosting multiple projects: Classic or S? One instance or many?

I talked with our IT folks and realize I need to update and clarify my question. We are using Omeka-S v1.0.0-beta2. When I try and add a site I get a blank page. I can add the title and url slug, but when I click the add button, nothing happens. When I hit the back button, I see an error message that I need to add admin, theme and item pool. When I click on those urls in the add site page, nothing happens.

Thanks for your help!!



First thing is probably to update to the latest beta, v1.0.0-beta3. When it all works, it is designed for multiple omeka sites.



I use omeka s. I have a question about multiple sites.
I have a general site where are the documents

I created another site

but my problem is that I see the item created in the general site and also in my another site.