Select Which Metadata to Show in Browse Block

When I add the browse block to my site, the items only show their titles (a user would have to click on them to see the other metadata associated with them). Can anyone offer a solution for adding metadata properties in addition to the title that appear in the browse view (e.g., author, date created)?

Basically, the best option for adding multiple additional properties to the browse view would be to edit the theme. There’s some built-in control for varying what the title and “body” on the browse page for each item are, but that won’t extend to having more than just 2 pieces of information.

The browse view is view/omeka/site/item/browse.phtml (if your theme doesn’t contain this file, first copy over the core’s file from the same path into the theme, then you can edit that copy).

You can use, for example, $item->value('dcterms:creator') to get the value of the Creator property for an item.

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