"see all items with this value"

I know have imported my csv file of paintings (thanks to this forum).

I can now browse the catalog but I have a question: why does the link see all items with this value only appear for some values, and not for some others?

Is there any rule for this? I had a look at the documentation but I could not find any information about that.

In the picture above, I have an example where the painting has 3 subjects, but they are not clickable to get all paintings with one of these subjects. I cannot either search all paintings with the same date, of the same type, or on the same medium.

What a pity…

“See all items with this value” is added by the Metadata Browse module, which lets you customize which properties it applies to.

Presumably here it’s simply been configured on some of those properties but not all of them, and you can just change that setting.

Thanks a lot @jflatnes, your answer was the one I was expecting for!

The only strange thing is that some field are already managed by the module Metadata Browse (see See all items with this value in the screenshot above) even if nothing has been configured: Identifier, Title, Format. And I don’t understand why.

I don’t understand either how I can remove the See all items with this value for some fields, such as Title which is by definition unique.

This should mean the module has been explicitly configured to apply to those fields, by someone.

Have you checked both the global (“Configure” button for Metadata Browse in the Modules page) and site-specific (“Metadata Browse” entry on the site admin sidebar nav) settings?

No, I only set the setting on the site-specific side.

So, what’s set on that site-specific setting page? None of those three you mentioned are set there?

There was absolutely nothing set. I just added the missing fields.

But now, my memory is failing to remember everything. Maybe some fields where set by default…

Let’s close this thread for now. Thanks all for your help and your support!