Security Issues concerning Plugins?

Hello! I’m new to Omeka Classic… I didn’t find any information concercing maintanance status of plugins. Therefore, I’ve got two questions:

  1. Are there any security issues concerning Plugins?
  2. When is a Plugin seen as “outdated” or “not maintained”?

Thank you for your response!

Plugins are code more or less like any other PHP code, so they can do pretty much anything Omeka itself can do (and more).

Whether there’s a security “issue” really depends on the plugin.

I don’t think we have any official designation of a plugin as “unmaintained”: you can look at dates of releases to get an idea, but some plugins just don’t need any updates for a long time so that’s not a foolproof signal. Plugins by “Omeka Team” are written and maintained by the Omeka development team, others are by their respective listed authors.

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