SearchSolr & highlighting?

I have enabled ExtractText & SearchSolr & Search modules on my new omeka-s site (2.* version so far). Everything works fine, I have been able to index my items including the fulltext of PDF files extracted by ExtractText, but I still have an issue to reach my goal regarding fulltext search.

I’d like to be able to tell to my user why an item is shown in the result list. Best option would be to use the highlight function of SolR, or at least be able to tell which field caused the item to appear in the result list.

I am using the Search and Solr modules from @Daniel_KM and they don’t seem to include highlight management, it just appears in the Selenium library but does not seem to be used by the module. Neither can it be found in Biblibre Solr module (not tested as I don’t have the apache Solr extension on my server but unsuccessful grep on source code).

The only solution of highlight using SolR and omeka is the plugin that was built by Biblibre for omeka classic but I have not found anything ported to omeka-S.

Has anybody been able to find an option to do that ? By theming the result page and getting some information ? Or at least indicating to the user the matching field so that he can understand why the item is returned based on the search query?


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