Searching over titles of resource type property values

Hello, I am not sure right now if I’m encountering an error or a missing feature. I have a site where most items have resources linked as property values for the Creator and Subject fields. So resource X has subject resource Y.

I’ve just realized that if I search for the value of the title field of resource Y, it doesn’t return resource X as a search result. So I effectively can’t search by the Creator and Subject fields using the search bar or advanced search. A search for the name of a creator in the ‘Creator’ field has 0 results, if that name is the title of a resource item linked as a property value rather than a literal text value directly on the result item. I’d missed the problem til now because so many of my items items have a creator or subject named in their title.

Is this expected behavior?

You’re correct: this is the current behavior.

We’re currently testing some changes that should enable us to do this kind of “second-level” searching.


In the meantime, your can still search by ‘Creator’ or ‘Subject’ if you know the creator/subject item ID and by using the advanced search form condition “is resource with ID”.

Alright, thank you for confirming that. It seems like a relatively fundamental function for using semantic description. Do you have a sense of when you will release an update?

Also, are there any particular files I might try fiddling with for a workaround? Should I be looking at resources.phtml, or resource-values.phtml? Or is it strictly impossible for now?

Just as an update to this thread if people are coming across it later: this feature was added in Omeka S 2.0.0.

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