Search Result Page Wonky (Seasons Theme)

Hi all,

Apologizes if this is the wrong form to ask this in, since I can’t tell if this is a plugin bug or something in my theme.

I’ve been editing the Seasons theme heavily and I can’t seem to figure out why this page isn’t playing well.

When I do a normal search, the search page looks good, playing with my edits:[]=Item&record_types[]=File&record_types[]=Collection&submit_search=Search

However, when I click on a subject via the Search By Metadata plugin, I get a page that doesn’t show right:[0][element_id]=49&advanced[0][type]=is+exactly&advanced[0][terms]=Historical+Homes

It’s also happening via the Reference plugin when I click a Subject…[0][element_id]=49&advanced[0][type]=contains&advanced[0][terms]=Chicago+%26+Eastern+Illinois+(C+%26+EI)+Railroad

When I look at the code via View Source, it does show the correct div classes and set up, but it’s not reflecting. I’m a bit lost if this is coming from something within the plugins themselves or something within the theme that I’m missing.

Thanks in advance!

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