Search parameters displayed instead of ellipsis


I’ve just upgraded my Omeka Classic to last version, and I’ve noticed that in items/show pages now the search parameters are shown all time, on navigation bar (I’m using “Thanks, Roy” theme). I am pretty sure that was not happening before the upgrade, when an ellipsis […] was shown instead; in fact, it is still shown in items/browse, f.i.

I’ve tried disabling and then reenabling the “Advanced Site-wide Search” option in the Theme settings, but with no result.

Is it a bug, or am I missing anything? And where and how should I change the code to have the ellipsis restored?


What version of Thanks Roy are you running? (you can find that on /admin/system-info)

2.5 (current), the same that comes with the last upgrade (2.6.1).

It’s weird, because it has never done the same before, and the collections/show is not doing it either.

Is the error only on items/browse?

It seems so. I’ve checked the other pages, and they seem to be ok.

I think I’ve found the problem. I had implemented the solution for the items/show page, and during the upgrade to the new Omeka version I must have accidentally overwritten the custom.php file.

Now I’ve fixed that file, and the error with the search parameters has disappeared (I suppose the page was just not loading completely).

Thanks for checking into that.

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