Search page not found (Advanced Search + CleanURL)

I have installed and configured the Advanced Search module (v3.4.6.20) in my Omeka S (v4.0.1) instance.

I can use the search page within admin without a problem, the visible URL being (the base path of my Omeka S instance is /data/):

But what is the URL of the public search page?
I’ve tried the following (all give a Page not found error):

When I disable the CleanURL module (v3.17.5), I get do the search page via

But with the CleanURL module enabled I do not get the search page?

I have the same problem, and posted a topic about it a few days ago. I believe these modules are not currently compatible and it will take some coding to fix.

Someone came up with a hack to make CleanURL work with the Collecting module, so there’s some hope this can be made to work. It’s on my to-do list to try and figure this out, I’ll post here if I make any progress.

I wonder if @Daniel_KM is still active here and might have any pointers?

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