Search Page for each collection possible?

We are new to Omeka and using the LAMP setup with Ubuntu as our Linux component.

Ideally, we would like to host a search page for each collection on the Omeka server. These pages would have most of the fields preselected and hidden with one or two form fields left blank for the user to fill in what they want to search.

In the past when working with web forms I have copied the search page that already existed and then put in hidden fields to pass the correct variables back to the server. I don’t see a way to do this for Omeka outlined in the forums.

Is creating individual search pages that have many of the options selected and hidden from the user possible with Omeka?

Are there any directions out there on how to do this?

If I missed directions or a manual page that explains this please send me the link. I am looking for a place to start and am willing to learn as I go.


Am I following right that you are looking for something similar to the default search page at a URL like /items/search, but tidied up with default information in it?

If so, this guide to modifying themes might get you on the right track for modifying the search page within your theme. For collection-specific searches with those hidden fields, you might need to figure out how to pass along the data. That might call for digging up the Request object, or just cleverly passing it along from the link, depending on the details of what you need.

Hi, I am trying to access the Collection Text in the search page. can you give me some guidance How I can I get Collection information?