Search Item in Show.phtml - Get_records equivalent

In the theme I am developing, I need to search for other items in the Items’ page (show.phtml - in Omeka Classic get_records() use to do it).

More specifically, I need to show in each item’s page, the link to other items if they contain specific value (e.g., “bibo:identifier” == $item->value(‘bibo:owner’) ). Any idea on how to do it?

Thank you

You can use the $this->api()->search view helper as the S equivalent of get_records.

I have a similar question: How can I query private dcterms fields in show.phtml? I don’t want to display linked objects myself (therefore private) but I want to display a part of their metadata. Currently, this only works if the fields are set to public.
Here is my code example:

$collectionItems = $item->value('dcterms:hasPart', array(
        all' => true

If decterms:hasPart is private the array is empty. Is there solution?

If the current user has access to see them, you can display private values however you want. They’ll be included by the normal functions that deal with values.

If it’s an anonymous user or one who otherwise doesn’t have permission to see the private values, you just can’t get them.

Now I use HideProperties. That’s a good workaround for me: The field is not shown anymore but I can use the PHP-API