Search is only showing results for Items


I’ve created a theme that is derived from Curatescape. I would like to be able to show search results from Exhibits and Simple Pages, but it’s now just showing search hits in Items. I’ve got every type of record configured to be searchable in the Search settings, and I’ve reindexed.

Search in the Admin view is working fine, but something within the theme is filtering them down, and I’m at a loss for where to find whether the search is being filtered on submission, in some configuration, or during display of the results.

Any help would be appreciated. Code is at I’ve mainly been looking inside items/browse.php.

Specifically, I see this line:

foreach(loop(‘Items’) as $item):

I’ve tried testing by replacing “Items” with “search_texts” which I see elsewhere, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Hi @davidalevine, I’m the lead developer for Curatescape. Curatescape search is designed to only search items by default (this is partially because we prefer it that way and partially because it was designed that way before Omeka’s search capabilities were expanded). You’ll want to check out the function called mh_simple_search() located in custom.php, which is a slight variation on the old Omeka default simple search function. You should be able to change the search URI to something like “search” to change where the query is posted. Then you’ll probably need to edit/create/style the search results template.

Thanks so much. I’ll give it a shot.