Search functions: return all available items no matter which keywords to use

We installed the Omeka S site. After adding some items to the site, we found out that the search function didn’t work. No matter which keywords we are using to search, we always get the full set of items that we loaded to the site. Any suggestions will be appreciate. Thanks,


Is this the on the public side, admin side, or both?

Thank you for your reply! The search function works fine on the Admin side. The problem is on the public side. Any suggestions? Thanks,

What version of Omeka S is this? And, is it accessible somewhere so we can see what it’s doing?

We have 1.2.0 installed. You can see a practice site at: Thanks,

It doesn’t so much seem to be the case that the search isn’t working, but that something in your setup is just dropping the GET parameters completely. Sorting, page limit changes, none of it works on that site. I imagine if you tried to print it out, Omeka would be telling you that you had no GET parameters on any of those pages.

I’m not sure what would be causing that, though.

Thank you for sharing what you found on our site! As you can see from the site URL, WRLC hosted this site for us. I am not sure if something went wrong during the installation process. Would you think an upgrade to the newest version of Omeka S will help to solve this problem? Thanks, Mason

I don’t know… it’s a good idea to stay updated of course, but I can’t really think of a change in S that would really affect this… I’m thinking its the server setup somehow, either at the Apache or PHP level.

I am suspecting the same, it might be something to do with the Apache or PHP. I am checking with WRLC staff to see if they can find out anything on their end. Thanks for your advice! Appreciate it!


Just a follow up on this. WRLC staff found a typo in the Nginx config and fixed the problem. Thank you for your advice!