Search functions lost while going online?

Hello everyone,

Recently putting our website online, I noticed some search functions do not function properly whereas they do in the local version:

Knowing the structure of Omeka, do you have an idea of what happens to help me debug this?
Thanks in advance and good luck for summer progress!

My first guess when something is different between local and online installations is that there might be a difference in versions, or even the commit you pulled from, to double-check.

Is CleanUrl module installed in your local version too?

The problem seems to come from this module.

To check if this is CleanUrl or any other plugin, disable it and retry.

Thank you for your answers.
Disabling the CleanUrl module restored the search page for Items ( but not the filtering of Items according to queries.

I am comparing the local and online versions in further detail. The main difference might be that the local version was developed with the beta 3 and adapted to the beta 4 online and the search seems to be handled a bit differently, so I try to see if I forgot to adapt one of the elements of the site to the beta 4.

An issue that may be related: in the beta 3, I could delete non used Vocabularies and the counts of items for properties in a Vocabulary were correct:

In the beta 4, I cannot delete non used Vocabularies (error “CSRF: Value is required and can’t be empty”) because these Vocabularies are actually not marked as non used, all properties of all Vocabularies are counted for all Items:

Does this happen to all beta 4 sites or does it reveals a problem in my installation? thank you!

Victory! The search is functioning again, the problem was the theme “Istanbul” implementing searching on the basis of the beta 3 version, so I adapted it and I will update it soon on github. Stay these three strange facts:

  • Most importantly, the links installed by the module Metadata browse do not filter according to a query because they seem not to implement the search accordingly with the beta 4 (tried to download the last version of the module but it did not solve it)

  • The advanced search page for items is still not accessible if the module ClearUrl module is activated.

  • Vocabularies cannot be deleted and all properties of all vocabularies are marked as used for all items, so the number of items having one property is not available anymore (was handy to give only properties possessed by at least one item as criteria for search).

Yay victory! There were indeed some changes between beta3 and beta4.

I think that separating the remaining things into separate issues will be helpful, just to keep the tasks and discussion clear. I haven’t been able to reproduce the problems with vocabularies, at least on the latest develop branch. So, it might be fixed in the background, or there’s always the possibility of some combination of settings or modules that we haven’t found yet. All the more reason for distinct issues.

Also, if you could create a new issue for metadata browse, could you say the way you have it configured? There are permutations of site-specific and global settings that might be in play.

Those problems with vocabularies are both known issues with beta4 that are fixed in the current code (as Patrick says), so they’ll be fixed in beta5.

I’m a little away currently. I’ll check the issue in the middle of August.

Has any progress been made about the incompatibility of advanced search and CleanUrl module? I got the following error after clicking advanced search with CleanUrl enabled.

Omeka\Api\Exception\NotFoundException: Omeka\Entity\Item entity with criteria {"id":"search"} not found