Search and sort by publication date range


We wish to ask about search by publication range in Omeka S, like in some ILS (pubdate 2002-2010 --> from 2001 to 2010 and we also wish to sort the results by pulication date…

What it should be the best approach?

we have seen that in admin you can sort by create date, why not a publication date (I guess becasue the format in creation is controlled and it publication adate it is not… but it can be fixed by a calendar input right?)

Any suggestions will be welcomed

thanks you in advance

What do you call “publication date”? Is it an item property?

You can sort items by any property values specifying it in sort_by GET param.


Omeka S core does not support numerical comparative functions. I think a patch should be applied to Omeka\Api\Adapter\AbstractResourceEntityAdapter::buildPropertyQuery()