Search and Solr Modules

Hi All,

Can anyone point me to some examples or documentation that demonstrate how to create search pages using the Search module. I have the Solr module installed, and did run an index but I’m not able to find documentation for creating the search pages.


You can find full documentation for the two modules, the install process, the creation of the indexes and the pages, etc. on and It is an upgraded and up-to-date version of the original modules, not yet integrated upstream, neither on the Omeka site.

Daniel, I was looking at your Solr module and it looks like one of the requirements is the Solr PHP Extension.

I’m running PHP 7.3 and it looks like the PHP extensions isn’t compatible with newer versions of PHP (7.1, 7.2, and 7.3).

Has anyone else been able to install the extensions and the module on one of these versions of PHP?


It works with my php 7.2 server.
Anyway, I’m preparing a new version of the module that won’t depend on any php extension (based on Solarium).