Search and Solr Modules for Omeka S 3.0.1

Dears, I’m new to Omeka. Brilliant work I must say. Only I met problems when I tried to install SearchSolr module. I followed the installation guide from this link: firstly, I installed Solr server and created a core, then I installed the module Search (which suggested to install modules of Reference and JqueryUI), and module of Generic(which is suggested in the document), everything works fine till I move to install SearchSolr itself: I can’t find [] anywhere, and if I git clone the source, and " composer install" and install the module at admin console, it always led to " Omeka S encountered an error", then I enabled the error log to get the error information as: “Table ‘solr_core’ already exists”

I guess it’s not the correct direction, but I had a shot to drop the table ‘solr_core’ in database, it didn’t work either. Then I entered the impasse. The “Solr” module on official site requires Solr-PHP extension, which I met a bunch of problems to install too. :disappointed_relieved: Kindly help to advise any idea to move on to have solr search on my omeka S site. Many thanks!

I just did some tests. drop table ‘solr_core’ will have an error of “foreign key constrain fails”.
Drop database ‘omeka’ will lead to the installation page of Omeka S.
After installation, it creates a bunch of tables without solr_core.
It’s the process of install module ‘Search’ that created tables of ‘solr_core’ and ‘solr_map’.

So I maintain these modules for some sites and I don’t understand if you succeed to install it.

Hi, Daniel, sorry for being inarticulate, I failed to install SearchSolr module, cause when I click Install on admin module view, it returns “Omeka S encountered an error”, and the error message in log file is “Table ‘solr_core’ already exists”.

I did the installation process a few time, discovered it the table of ‘solr_core’ was created when I install the ‘Search’ module. Then I lost clue how to circumvent this error. Kindly help to advise at your convenience. Many thanks!

Thanks, I fixed the install: I forgot to update the sql requests that creates the table for solr during the last update. The updated was a rename of the column “data_types” into “pool”. The last update of the module checks it (

Fantastic, I just installed it successfully. Thank you, Daniel. :grin:

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