Scrolling not working with Collections form

I can’t get page scrolling to work on the page where I have put a Collecting form. It will work on my Android phone, when I select “Desktop mode”. It will not work on my laptop (Windows) in either Chrome or Edge. It works on my desktop only because my monitor is big enough to reveal the whole form.
Help–I have to present this Friday.

Do you have a link you’re willing to share?

Also, which theme are you using?

I shortened the form as much as possible

I’m using Cozy theme, sorry

Can you confirm the versions of Omeka S, Cozy, Collecting, and Mapping which you are using?

Cosy 1.3.1, Collecting 1.2.0, Mapping 1.1.1

Opps, I updated Omeka S April 22nd, so that is the April 9 release.

It’s definitely a bug - we’ll see if we can fix it. It’s something to do with the combination of Collecting, Mapping, and Cozy

Many thanks! For what I have to do Friday, I was hoping to encourage people at a convention to upload photos from their phones. Great that it works with Android, but could you tell me if it works with iPhone? I don’t have one to test.

Hi, I just updated the Mapping module with a bugfix. Within your Mapping directory, go to src/Collecting/Map.php and remove line 21, which should look like this:

$view->headLink()->appendStylesheet($view->assetUrl('vendor/leaflet.geosearch/style.css', 'Mapping'));

Thanks very much. FYI, Meg tried to send me some replies last week, but the mail delivery failed, so I did not see them.