Scripto Users Can Not Log out

I am having an error that is not allowing users to log out of script. When they try to log out they get a " * The “token” parameter must be set." error message, and are still logged in. I am also having one regular user who now can not login he is getting “Unknown login error. Aborted” message. I suspect that these are related. There is no correlated error in the error log.

It might be an issue with the cookie prefix - check out this forum thread and this thread for more information, as well as the documentation for configuration settings

I have checked the cookie prefix, and most people can login I would assume that if it was the cookie prefix, that would not be possible.

What version of Scripto are you using? What version of MediaWiki are you using?

Omeka 2.7.1, scripto 2.3.2 and mediawiki 1.34

You’ve discovered a bug that is now fixed in the most recent version of Scripto. Just upgrade to version 2.4 and you should be able to log out. Thank you!

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