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We are using SCRIPTO and trying to import the transcriptions to the media metadata because importing to the item metadata will look very unfriendly. Some items might have more than 400 pages. You can imagine how long each record will be…

However, the media metadata is not searchable. This means that I either choose a very unfriendly display, or I don’t get to search the transcription which will be a major loss.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there anything I can do or can this be an improvement for the future?

Thanks in advance for any help you could give me.

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Media metadata should be searchable.

How are you trying to do the search?

Hello and thanks for your time.

I have Scripto settings to import transcripts to media and not the item. Then on the site, I run a simple search with one keyword only that I am sure is there and nothing. Returns zero results. The same search on the admin side, selecting the “search media” works. It looks like I am missing some “search media” settings on the site side, but I have no idea where to go.


OK yes, I think I see what’s happening.

You pretty much have your finger on it: the data for search is there, we just don’t have a browse for media on the public side so there’s essentially no way to show the results.

A related question: when you search for something like this where the match is in media metadata, are you expecting to get the Media itself as a result, the parent Item, or both?

Trying to think about a prefered design layout I would say that the first level should be a list of items organized by “relevance” and when we select/click on an item a short metadata reference of the item stays on top and the media where the “keyword(s)” is(are) found can be listed under reference on the top.

However, for those like us, who are planning to use a viewer like Universal Viewer, I am not sure this plays along.

Please feel free to point me in another direction if my logic is somehow inaccurate.


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@jflatnes, what do you think is there anything I can do? I tried installing Solr module but it seems that problems remain I can configure search for items and item-sets but not for media.

If I remember correctly Omeka Classic allows the “file” metadata search. Will this be something that we might see implemented in Omeka-S as well?


We’ll fix it. The reason I asked my last question is that there are two fairly “obvious” ways to include media data in the searching: one is to include all the data for all the media in each item’s search, so you get the parent items as results in the regular item search. The other is to add the ability to have media themselves as direct search results, so adding some form of media browse which doesn’t currently exist.

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If guess the behaviour I described previously goes into your first option. Parent on top and media listed bellow?! Something like this.

Is it possible to have the words searched highlighted on the result list or this is something that we should work on with a module such as Solr?

I am always available to help out if needed (testing, etc.). Just let me know.

The solution here probably won’t have highlighting.

I think you’d have to separately look at what changes, if any, need to be made to make media search work with the Solr module.

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I hope you are all doing just fine.

@jflatnes do you think this issue has been adresses in the last Omeka S update, V3.1.0?


Omeka S 3.1.0 focused on other kinds of changes, and it doesn’t include changes to the core behavior for media searching.

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