Scripto importing document/page formatting issues

Two issues with finalizing items in scritpo:

1.Is there any way to make Scripto add a note as to page breaks when it imports the finished documents into Omeka from mediawiki.

  1. When documents are set to protected status, If the user added spaces or tabs so the transcription resembles the document, those lines are being treated as preformed html text and there for are separated out from the rest of the text by a box. Is there any way to get this to stop happening. The documentation tells users not to but it keeps happening so a coding solution might be easier.
  1. There’s no configuration to add page break indicators during imports. You’d need to modify the underlying Scripto library to make this happen, specifically in Scripto_Document::export()
  2. There’s no configuration to alter the render format of a transcription (save for the “Import type” configuration, but that only affects the format of imported text). You can tinker around with Scripto_IndexController to try to find the format that works for you. Look for the places that have getTranscriptionPageHtml() and change them to getTranscriptionPagePlainText() or filter out pre tags using:
str_replace(['<pre>', '</pre>'], '', $doc->getTranscriptionPageHtml());