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I have a similar issue than OmekaS + Scripto topic.

I just installed mediawiki 1.35.1 and I cannot connect it with Scripto (last release, I also tested master). I am runing Omeka S 3.0.1.

It works with this url from wikipedia:

but not with mine (with is http only). I can access mediawiki api when visiting the …/ url.

Is there some settings inside mediawiki to make it work with scripto?

I can’t reproduce this on the same versions. Is there anything unusual about your sever configuration, like is it behind a proxy?

After some futilely complex modifications, I realized I installed mediawiki as a private wiki… After reinstalling as a public one, I can connect Scripto with mediawiki!

So problem fixed. Is it possible though to use Scripto with a private wiki?

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