Sandbox Update Request

This morning I went to check something in the Omeka S sandbox, and see that it’s on 3.0.2 rather than the latest version. Ditto the Default theme, on v 1.6.0 rather than 1.6.4, the latest bundled with core 3.2.3. Are there plans to update?

(All the themes seem to have updated versions available, but for the moment I’m wanting to check something in Default.)

We’re going to update the sandbox straight to 4.0 when it releases (which will be quite soon).

Good to know, thank you.

The sandbox is now updated to version 4.0.0.

Hi all!

Not sure if this is related or should be a new thread but when using the sandbox it is defaulting to different languages (so far I have seen Polish and Spanish). Is this supposed to happen? Google translate has been doing its best to translate each page but it is not quite perfect.



I assume you’re just seeing the effects of other users who are poking around in the sandbox changing the configured language.