Running Omeka behind a firewall

We are required to run Omeka behind a firewall. It has been assigned a private IP and a local domain name that are not directly accessible from the internet.

To access Omeka, users must go to a public domain name and a directory which is forwarded to this internal server. The apache config on the local server uses ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse directives to remap paths

The HTML Omeka and plugins create keeps pushing out full paths to the private domain or chopping off the directory path and directing the browser to a path on the root of the public URL rather than the full path.

Short of identifying the individual routines that cause the trouble and putting some string replacements in there, is there an easier way to solve this problem? Thanks,


It’s possible to change what Omeka thinks the base path is, but it’s not simple as the code is split up between things Zend Framework does and things our custom code does.

It might be simpler to try to change Apache’s configuration to make things work better. ProxyPreserveHost On should make Omeka generate the right hostname. The path is a little trickier… one simple option would just be to move the location of the site so that the directory path is the same on the public and proxied addresses.