Root domain issues/Reclaim hosting site

We are having a problem with Omeka S sites and default displays, using Reclaim hosting for our domain support.

We contacted our hosting site, Reclaim hosting, as the domain only brought up a page with a reclaim banner/holding page saying our domain was up and running. According to Reclaim, there was no content on the root of the domain, only the the main folder. They set up for users to access the site at ( This brought up the My CMS page when you went to it, at which point we changed the default site in Omeka S to Arnhem Postal History.

We cleared browser caches as well to ensure we weren’t going to old versions. After working several days on uploading to the Omeka S site, we discovered that none of the updates were showing on the main domain page, but they were on ( Reclaim is saying it is an Omeka S issue, and that we have two sites running.

What I am trying to work out is how get Omeka S to read the work on the arnhempo address to the main domain page. Their solution was use a 3 September backup and go from there, but a substantial amount of work went into the site between 3 and 8 September. Trying to prevent the work from being redone.

Any suggestions on where to look/modify to save what has been done but map it correctly?

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So it sounds like you have two Omeka S installs? One which is at the root of your domain and another which is in the “arnhempo” subfolder? Judging from this page and the missing logo on all pages in the “root” version, I’d say a little more: both your installs probably point at the same single database. So things like editing of text in pages or the selected theme will show up in both, but anything involving files/images will not work.

It should be possible to just delete the “outer” site and move the subfolder one to the domain root, which I think is what you’re looking for.

Yes- this is exactly what we are looking for. Thank you very much! We will try your suggestion and see what happens. I appreciate your time and let you know how it turns out.

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