Role that can view unpublished material

Is there any role that can view unpublished content without being able to edit it? How do people get feedback before publishing, from colleagues who don’t have Omeka admin privileges? Using version 2.6 From a previous thread, I see that this may be too complicated for us.

The Researcher user role has read-only access to the admin side of the an Omeka Classic installation. Might that work for you?

Thanks. I had tried that role, and even Editor. Neither can see the Exhibit pages we haven’t yet published. Seems really odd to me.

You can add that ability by modifying the functions.php file in the Exhibit Builder folder on your server.

Insert the following code after line 364:
$acl->allow('researcher', 'ExhibitBuilder_Exhibits', 'showNotPublic');
to allow researcher users to see private exhibits.

Thanks. Now that the site has been developed (by someone else), we’re using the back end pretty much as a content management system, using Exhibit Builder to create our exhibits, etc. So coding capability is limited. I had checked the previous thread, but hoped maybe Omeka had come up with a simpler way to do this.

We are looking at implementing that change in a future release of Exhibit Builder, but changing the code yourself would be faster.

OK, thank you. Adding 20 characters.