Rights Statements in a CSV import?

I’m using CSV files to upload items and I’ve figured out everything except the Rights Statements Module. I get the dropdown menu in the item view, but I can’t figure out how to do this via the spreadsheet.

I’m on 3.2 , hosted on Reclaim, installatron used for the base application, rights statements module downloaded from Omeka.org

If you have up-to-date versions of the Rights Statements and CSV Import modules, you should have the option to use rights statements when importing.

Once you’ve mapped the column to the correct property, if you click the “wrench” icon for that column, you should get an option to set the data type, and Rights Statement should be one of the options you can pick.

The values that type is expecting to be in the cells are the full URI for the statement, e.g.:

Thanks, I’ll try that next time.