Rhythm theme column question

I am working on a student publication. The students currently want to use the Rhythm theme. My question is I removed the sidebar on exhibit pages for design reasons. Is there a way to make the exhibit pages use the full width of the page instead of having the white space on the right side of the space (where the exhibit sidebar used to be):

I think my question is where in the theme would I go to edit the width/columns of the theme?

Thanks. Anne

This is a pretty simple CSS override, and for that I would recommend installing the CSS Editor plugin. In its configuration, fill in the following style:

.exhibits #content > * {
  width: 100%;

Thanks! That worked–though it did some weird things with images. I will play around with it. Another question–is it possible to change the content of the exhibit page sidebar to be recently added exhibits links instead of links to the pages within the exhibit? https://blackrap.lakeforest.edu/exhibits/show/alumni-spotlight--volume-1--is/alumni-spotlight--volume-1--is
Right now I added links to the full issues of the journal we are trying to make an Omeka site for.

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