Return char at the end of a string


I’m having a minor issue with contributors ingesting metadata by copying and pasting from a Word doc used as worksheet. If they don’t pay enough attention the return character at the end of the line goes into Omeka. It gives problems with the “Search By Metadata” plugin. For instance, England–London and England–London followed a return carriage are considered two different places.

It’s easy to spot the offending items as they are nicely flagged up in “Simple vocab”, but I can’t figure which items needs editing ang going through the whole lot is labour intensive and time consuming. Resorting codes (alt + 0010 / alt + 0013 / &#10 / &#13) doesn’t seem to work.
Is there a way to search for a return character at the end of a string. Any suggestion would be massively appreciated


So, Search By Metadata is able to find the matching items for the “wrong” version? If so, that should tell you how you can find others… that character should show up in the search URL used by the plugin.

Spot on. Problem solved. Please consider the topic closed.

Many, many thanks,