Restoring input box changes after pressing the "Add input" button


A few plugins (for instance, Item Duplicator, or Simple Vocab) apply some changes to element input fields, like changing their background color, or turning them into dropdown boxes with a list of values. Those changes stay, unless a user presses the element’s add input button; I suspect because this one regenerates the whole content for that particular element, instead of just adding a new input box.

So, is there a way to find out when the add input button has been pressed, in order to restore the changes and to apply them to the newly added box as well?

Has anybody come across the same issue? I’m thinking of users of Simple Vocab, f.i.
And have you found any solution?

Can you share a screenshot of this happening?

Thanks for your reply, Megan.
While I was getting the screenshots, I checked again the code, and I finally managed to find the bug (that was replicated on the Simple Vocab plugin by my fork of Simple Vocab Plus, as they were both installed)… now everything works like it should, and I’m updating right now the plugin code on GitHub.