Resoure Template changes - applies to existing Items?

Lets say I have an Omeka-S installation with 500 Items and each Item was added with a Resource Template called ‘Item’. If i change this template, for example make some properties Private, should i expect to see this applied to all Items in the system that have the ‘Item’ Resource Template? Or will it only apply to new Items added after the change was made?
Thank you.

In general, changes to templates don’t affect existing data.

So, the “private” flag in a template is just an indication that values of that property should be marked as private by default, going forward. It doesn’t affect any existing values.

For changes to existing data, you’d want to look at the batch edit functionality.

Good to know. Thank you

Note that there is a common issue when changing template then batch editing: if a new property is marked as required, batch edit won’t be able to update existing resources without a value for it.

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