Reordering items after upload

Is there a way to reorder items once they’ve been uploaded? I am uploading several thousand documents, and within each collection, Omeka is displaying them in the order of upload, not the number in the identifier field. Short of removing files and uploading them all in order, is there a way to reorganize?

You can reorder the items within a collection using the Item Order for Collections plugin.

Hi Megan,

I’m working on this issue right now. The Item Order for Collections plugin solves the first step in the problem WSmith mentions and that I am facing as well, although with much fewer items.

My issue is when someone does a search or chooses to Browse a Collection, the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons take them to the next item in the database, not the next item in the collection or from the search results.

I did come across this recipe in the Knowledge Base and have tried to get it to work, but haven’t been able to just yet.

My question on this is: are you (or anyone else) familiar with this recipe and have you been able to get it to work?

Thanks for any help on this,

Any sugestions how to allow re-order collections (not item in colecctions) after upload? Not sorting through Dc metadata either. Thanks.

Hi guys…this is the solution that I tried: I modified the CollectionTree plugin, add “order” on the collection_tree table, and add 2 buttons (“Reorder” and “save”) on the plugin’s View/shared/index.php and using jquery drag and drop.
The idea is when user will be able to drag and drop the order, grabbed the form result and update the ‘order’ value accordingly.

The problem though…how can I prevent the change that I add from appearing on the collection Tree public page?
Admin side:


Thank you.

Got it…thanks guys. For those who has the same problem, I just copy the index to admin and make the change there.