Reordering exhibit pages in admin user interface

Hello. My colleagues and I are having an issue reordering exhibit pages in the admin user interface. In the particular exhibit we are currently working on, we have 4 pages, each with a number of subpages. Every time we add a new page, which will eventually become a subpage under one of the 4 pages, it is added to the bottom. When we try to drag the new subpage under the appropriate page, it automatically jumps to the top of the page list and will not let us drag it further down. Our solution has been to drag all of the pages to the top of the list in reverse order until we get to the page that the new subpage should go under, drag the the subpage up to the top, and then continue dragging the other pages up until everything is in the proper order.

Today, I found that even this wouldn’t work, because dragging a page with its subpages caused it to jump above the list, and I was unable to drag it down to the point where it could be inserted at the top of the list. I ended up having to move each page and subpage, individually, to the top of the list, in reverse order.

Has anyone else dealt with this issue? Is there some way to get into the code and reorder the pages there? Pretty much anything would be better than what we are having to do now.

Drag and drop for long lists was buggy on 2.4 but was fixed for 2.4.1 - so updating your core code may help.