Removing legacy plugins

I’ve got a few outdated plugins (ImageAnnotation, ThenNowImage, some more) that on my plugin admin screen are listed as “This is not a valid plugin” which is fair, as they are no longer in the plugins folder, and no longer valid plugins. Is there a way i can delete them from the admin list, though?

Hello Emilly.

Once properly uninstalled through the admin/plugins page, you can avoid a plugin showing up in that page by deleting its folder from the plugins folder of your Omeka installation (you need to be able to access to the server via FTP or similar method, to do that).

Hope this helps.

This is correct. The way to remove the plugins from the admin list is to put them back on the server. Go to the admin and uninstall them. Then remove the files from the plugins folder.

The folders were already removed from the folder before I came to this install; the step that was missed is presumably “properly uninstalling”. Can you tell me how to reinstall legacy plugins so that I can then properly uninstall them? The legacy documentation page has, perhaps inevitably, only broken links.

The plugin installation process is always the same. Download the plugin from the plugins page, and then on the server unzip it in the plugin’s folder of your install:

I understand how to install a plugin; my issue is that these are out dated, legacy plugins, that no longer exist on the main plugins list, because they have been replaced by new plugins.
Is there a way to install an old busted plugin, like ImageAnnotation, that no longer exists on

Ahhh. I see.

If the plugins were originally made by the Omeka team, even if they have been retired, they are likely to have a repo in the Omeka organization on Github:

Here is a link to the Image Annotation Release page:

ahh! Thank you! I hadn’t thought to look in github.

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