Removing DCMI element descriptions from public facing Contribution Form

My institution recently added the Contribution 3.0.3 plug-in to allow student contributed work in our Omeka instillation. I am new to programming and have been trying to figure out how to best remove the DCMI element descriptions from appearing in the public facing contribution form.

Below is an example of how this currently appears. Any advice on how to remove the element description would be greatly appreciated. (Example, having the page read “Title | [textbox]” rather than “Text | A given name to the resource [textbox]”


I think the easiest thing will be to have the plugin override the default way that forms are shown.

First, go to Omeka’s application/views/helpers directory and copy the ElementForm.php file into the Contribution plugin’s helpers directory.

Then, in the file you just created, look for these lines around line 100:

       $html .= $components['description'];
       $html .= $components['comment'];

Either delete them or just comment them out.

Thank you so much for the help! That worked beautifully.