Refine search with dates

The search on a date criteria is currently very basic. In the documentation, the options are:

  • is exactly,
  • is not exactly,
  • contains,
  • does not contain,
  • is resource with ID,
  • is not resource with ID,
  • has any value (there is something in the property), and
  • has no values.
    Is it possible to refine the search when the field is a date (such as Dublin Core dcterms:date) where it would make sens to search with operators such as before, after and so on…

The Numeric Data Types module lets you mark values as being specific types of numeric data, including dates, and provides improved searching and sorting of those values, including before and after.

I was thinking this would be embedded in Omeka S without the requirement of a module.

But this is exatcly what I was looking for.

Thank you @jflatnes.