Reference Plugin sorting with accents and diacritics

we have omeka 2.5.1 installed with reference plugin, one of the browse is authors , the issue is that for the plugin Reference at author… Àlvarez is not grouped with Alvaro because of the À

any help on this please?

The question was asked on the plugin page, but the solution was not working. You may change the format in the database (or the column in table element_texts), but it may not work. The quickest solution is to modify the reference view file in the theme directly.

Hi all, we have had @hagud’s same problem, and have posted it as a Github issue as well
@Daniel_KM: would you please point to the path of the “reference view file in the theme” or @hagud if you managed to make this work would you share with us your solution?

I replied on the issue above.

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