Reference module strange behavior after Omeka S update

After updating Omeka to version 2.1.2 (from 1.2.) the “Reference tree” block of “Reference” module (V3.4.21) has a strange behavior, as it does not index all existing items (example in ).
Before the update every branch had several items, but now, only a few of the branches have items (and not all the items it is supposed to show).
Is seems to us that it can manage about 31 item references per block. If the the number is higher only some (ramdom) items are indexed in the tree.

Does anyone have an idea idea of what might be causing this behaviour?

Thank you!

Can you make a screen shot of the config of the block? Thanks.

Hi Daniel,

Here are the screenshots of the module configuration in the page it is inserted:

(This from an example page we have created that can be seen here )

I have also made screenshot of the configuration of the Reference in the modules pages.

Let me know if you need any more info.
Thank you a lot for your help.

Sorry, I miss some old summer posts.
The main configuration allows to create special pages and is used only for the special pages. It’s generally simpler to use the blocks in the standard site pages.
So your results is strange and I can’t reproduce it. Can you try with last version of the module (3.4.22)?

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your reply.
I have updated the module and now it is working fine again.

Thanks for your help.

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