Rearranging Parts of Omeka S Item Show Page

Hi All:

New to Omeka S and I’m not a coder. When working in Omeka Classic, I was (with help from a kind Omeka ace) modify the layout of an item show page so that it would display the way we wished.

We are looking to slightly modify our item show.phtml page so that:

  • the Universal Viewer is on top of the page
  • the large item image(s) does not appear at all on the page. Just the Universal Viewer.

The theme is DEFAULT

I have access to the file and was wondering if it would be as simple as moving some statements to the top of the page and eliminating others.

Thanks and sorry in advance for my ignorance!


Yeah… the process should be about the same in S, I’d think.

I’m not super familiar with the Universal Viewer plugin, but I imagine its output will occur where the <?php $this->trigger(''); ?> line is, so moving that around should move the viewer.

To get rid of images, you’re looking for lines dealing with media.

Since I am in the middle of implementing Omeka-S and we are incorporating Universal Viewer, it should be pretty easy for me to help! The next time I’m at work (on Monday), I’ll poke around.

In addition to John’s strategy, you can also “call” the UniversalViewer directly, in which case you would turn off the “automatically embed on … page” setting in the module configuration. That’s probably a better option because there are other modules which may “add” their output to the trigger.

Thanks, John! I’ll let you know how it works.

Thanks benbakelaar for the tip-in on this. I will look into this solution, as well.