Re-importing Items with CSV Import

Hi there, I am trying to import items from another system from a CSV that I’ve exported from that system. I’m wondering, is there a way to re-import the items after the initial import without duplicating the items?

In the other system, this can be accomplished by specifying a column in the CSV as the item’s identifier and it will first search for the item and update if it already exists, otherwise, it will create a new item.


Daniel Berthereau has put in many pull requests that add this functionality. We’re currently testing, checking, and documenting, but that functionality should be available soon. You can also give it a try yourself with his code.

Awesome! That looks like exactly what we need. I’ll go ahead and give it a try.

Hello, I am wondering if using the code worked for you @fackrellj I am in immediate need of a CSV import module that worked like CSV Import + plugin for Omeka classic. Any news on the updated module Daniel Berthereau is working on, @patrickmj Thanks! I appreciate your time.

Since the university was on break, and our grad students, who do wonderful testing work, have been off, we’re still catching up on merging and checking Daniel’s work for the CSV plugin.

Thus, what you see above is still the best move right now.

Okay, thanks very much. And a thank you to your grad students who do such wonderful work!

We haven’t done thorough testing yet, but I can say we did import the same csv and I selected option to append to simply append metadata to existing items and duplicates were not created. I’m looking forward to the module being completed. Here is a screenshot of just a few of the new the import options in this module:

This is very helpful and the screenshot is appreciated. Thank you! I will definitely try it.