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I am taking my first steps with Omeka S and i have some backend UI related questions.
I have created some items sets based on classes the content belongs to but accessing them takes a quite many clicks: Item sets from the sidebar menu > then click to the set itself > and then on top right corner of the page there is View Items.

At this point we mainly use backend for the data management, so using Sites functionalities is not an option.

Many thanks in advance

There’s some other options:

  • One that’s not really less clicks but may be faster because there’s fewer total page reloads is that you can click the ellipsis “…” icon for a set on the Item Sets page: the sidebar that opens includes a count of the number of items in the set, and clicking that number takes you to the browse of those items.
  • You can also get to items of a set by using the “Advanced search” option in the Items view and selecting the set(s) you want to view on the search page

It seems then one idea for the future maybe. Saved search queries as bookmarks at the sidebar for example

“Bookmarks” or “Quick Links” on the sidebar is an interesting idea. I could definitely see a module doing this.

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