Queue_js_file not loading JS file

I’m modifying the OmekaStarter Theme by Interactive Mechanics. I’m trying to import a custom JS file using queue_js_file(); but for some reason it’s not loading (i.e., having any effect on the page). I know the JS works because I coded it first in HTML. I’m getting this error in Google Chrome inspect:

Here is my code:

<?php queue_js_file(array('lib/scrolling-nav','lib/bootstrap.min','lib/jquery.easing.min')); queue_js_file('globals'); queue_js_url('//use.fontawesome.com/ff770d8e09.js'); echo head_js(); ?>

Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you in advance!


Figured it out!

I’m posting this edit just in case anyone else ever runs into the same issue. This StackOverflow post was really helpful. Essentially you have to go into your Javascript file and change

$(function() { ...


jQuery(function($) { ...

And it worked perfectly.