Questions about options for file storage/embedding external files

Hello. I’m trying to decide between Omeka-S, which I prefer for a lot of reasons, and Omeka Classic. Omeka Classic allows a lot of flexibility for displaying images, documents, etc. on the item page without importing them into Omeka, such as through Google Drive URL links and iframe embeds using the HTML Source Editor. These options don’t store the files in my filesystem, which is great because I don’t have a lot of space and my org doesn’t have any money to increase it.

Omeka-S imports files when I use the URL media type – is there a way to make it not do this?

Is there a way to embed an image or pdf stored in Google Drive or on a site like Wordpress in an item page without Omeka-S importing the file? (Oembed doesn’t work from those sites.)

Is there a way to do HTML Source Editing in Omeka-S like in Classic so that I could use an iframe embed?

Is there anyway to easily use files stored outside of Omeka in a free platform like Google Drive or Wordpress media library? (I don’t want to use Any Cloud or something like that where I have to commit to one storage option.)

Thanks for any advice you can give.

If they are stored somewhere else, you can use the “iiif image” or “oEmbed”. For the url source, there is an option in the code of Omeka that allows to not store the original files, only the thumbnail, but it is not implemented in the item interface. So it will be what you need.

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