Questions about Item Sets

I’m fairly new to Omeka S, using version 4.0.4.

  1. How do I add items to an item set? Do I add them in the Relation field?

  2. How do I display my item sets in the end-user interface. So far I am just using the default interface and have not applied any themes. Do I have to apply a theme to see my item sets?

The documentation for Item Set is located here: Item Sets - Omeka S User Manual

Once your item set is created, you can add your items via batch edit: Items - Omeka S User Manual or individually as you create items: Items - Omeka S User Manual

In sites, individual items show the sets with which they are associated.

When you edit your navigation you can also add a Browse Item Sets custom link to show the sets associated with your site: Navigation - Omeka S User Manual

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Thank you! This is very helpful.