Question about tags

After upgrading to Omeka 2.5.1, all tags are showing on the admin side (under Tags), including those with no associated documents. Is that normal behavior? The old install, which I still have visible in another folder, only shows those tags which have 1 or more associated document. I’m not sure if this was modified to do that or if that is normal behavior.

That sounds like the expected behavior for 2.5.1. I think the idea is to let administrators see what’s been used to avoid confusion or duplication.

Yep, that makes sense. Thanks. I modified it on the public side to look similar to the admin side but to get rid of tags with no records associated with them.

Can I ask: was this behavior different in 2.3.1? Because I don’t see records with zero entries on the admin side in the old version… only in the 2.5.1 install.

In any case, we want to delete these on the backend, but I guess the easiest way to do that is just running a script.