Question about shortcodes

I would like to know how to use the Omeka’s shortcodes. I’ve read the documentation about the topic but it doesn’t seems clear to me where the code is added.

  1. it’s added inside the HTML editor?
  2. should I put it inside de PHP code?, for instance in the show.php page of my theme?

I tried with the 1st option, adding the shortcode in the Description field of the initial page of my exhibition but it didn’t work at all. This is the code I wrote

[file id=30 size=square_thumbnail link_file=fullsize]

Thanks in advance
Camilo Freire

Shortcodes can be added into Simple Page and Exhibit page html fields, but not the summary.

To have an image on the first page of an exhibit, it might work better to create a page in the exhibit with the content you want, and uncheck the “Use Summary Page” option in the exhibit settings.

Thank you very much. Best regards

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