Question about Displaying Items

I just installed Omeka S and and was wondering: in order to replicate the Item view that existed in Omeka Classic, does each Item need to have its own Page? I couldn’t seem to find a way to simply click on a link from a browse or collections/item set view and be taken to an autogenerated Item view page.

Thank you.

You do not need to create pages for items.

Using the Sandbox as an example: the page The Short Stories uses a Browse Preview block, while The Canon uses blocks for HTML, Table of Contents, and Item Showcase. Clicking on an item in either page takes you to that metadata for that item, for example item 1791

Thank you for clarifying that, very helpful!

Just one more thing - The Short Stories seems to have a modification to include date metadata under each thumbnail. How is that feature achieved?

Thanks in advance!

You can explore the sandbox by logging in using the instructions on this page - it might be in the site settings.