Problems creating exhibit in Neatline

Hi Team,

I’ve installed Neatline and set up the defaults for an exhibition. After I save it, and then try to click on it so that it can be edited, I can only get through to a blank page. I am using a server hosted by a university, on a standard PC.

I’m not an expert at this stuff so any advice much appreciated.

All best, and thanks,

Hi Jack,

Sorry that you’re having problems! When you click, are you clicking on the title of the exhibit from the Browse Exhibits page? And you’re not seeing a map view on the right or any buttons on the left side in the editor?

Which browser are you using? Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge have proven problematic because of the idiosyncratic ways they handle javascript. If you’re using one of those, could you please try Firefox or Chrome and see if the problem persists?

If it’s possible for me to login to your Omeka install to poke at the exhibit, I’m happy to do that. You can create a temporary user id and password for me and email me that information at rag9b @

Thank you!

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