Problem with Simple Contact Form

We have an issue with the Simple Contact Form plugin. I have been working with our IceWarp email support techs about it.

Our email server adds an html or txt footer to all of our emails.

The Tech states “the body of the email arrives correctly to the Forward-To email address in the Simple Contact Form settings but what I noticed is that the portal sends the email as text/plain whereas the footer is a html footer. I believe that that is the problem - the footer only gets attached to html and then clients only show the html part but not the text one - so only show the footer but not the body, because the body id in text/plain. Your portal should probably send the email in text/html”.

Somewhere in the html/plugins/SimpleContactForm folder can I change the text/plain to text/html?

There’s no just configuration setting to make the email use HTML. And in the code there’d be more to do than simply say “make it HTML”: things like user message content that don’t need to be escaped in a plain text message would in an HTML one.

It seems to me that the issue is really on the filter adding the footer here that ought to be able to handle a plain text email correctly.

I might have misunderstood this passage, but didn’t you say that the server is adding a Html OR Txt footer? Why then cannot you select the txt format one?

Our mail server will add a txt or html footer based on what it receives. From email tech support: normally, the client should be sending the email in both versions, in plain text and html because different clients can display different types (eg. webmail will usually display html if it is there but mobile phones display plain text). So if the sender does not include both, it is always problematic because either client will or will not display the data. The form should include both text and html parts for compatibility purposes.
If the form were to send the email with content-type:multipart/mixed, then both version would/should be shown I believe. But once again that is up to the composer, which is the web form.

I think @jflatnes has explained why it would not be straight-forward to use the HTML format: among other things, safety concerns.

Still, if you were willing to give it a try, I think the Zend documentation page on HTML E-Mail could give you some hints here (plugin file to be modified: IndexController.php).

Hope this helps.

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